In order to succeed in today’s business world, you need to prepare an integrated marketing strategy that includes social media. Whether you are a small business or part of a Fortune 500 company, the numbers are clear. The masses have spoken and you can no longer ignore it: your customers are online. According to a ComScore Canada study, Canadians spend more time online (hyperlink to: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/03/27/canadians-spend-the-most-time-online-study) than any other country. They spend over 36 hours a month browsing online, and spend the majority of their time on the Internet on social media and online shopping.

Canadians are using social media everyday. They use it to share articles, pictures, opinions, what they had for breakfast, their hopes and dreams, and their frustrations. Marketers and business owners can no longer see social media as a passing fad that isn’t worth the investment. Even if your brand isn’t online, make no mistake: your customers are still talking about you there. Whether they’re singing your praises on Facebook or complaining about your customer service on Yelp, they’re already engaging in that conversation.

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Another harsh truth when it comes to social media marketing is that the digital landscape has transformed tremendously in the past decade. Platforms have come and gone: audiences have migrated from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat and then back, but by no means this social train is slowing down. On the contrary, what once was a “free” medium is now one of the most profitable industries in the advertising world, and it’s now surpassing traditional media’s engagement levels.

Since a large portion of the customer experience is online, social media allows brands to engage in a customer’s entire brand experience. By taking the leap into social media marketing, you’ll be able to engage your customers on an entirely different level when it comes to customer service, gaining valuable feedback, and remaining consistently on their radar. You’ll be reaching them where they already are — online.

Our customers have already seen such as 455% growth on their social media communities with minimal media support, and +730 content pieces created with over 11 million impressions over 11 months. To help you unpack the benefits of adding social media to your marketing strategy, we’ll be reviewing a few of social media marketing’s key elements. Tune back in on the last week of April to find out how to deal with the comment section on your social media channels.