With the rise of globalization and the rapid-fire spread of digital advances, perfecting your multicultural marketing has become more important than ever. Over 50% of the GTA’s residents were born outside of Canada, and half of them arrived in the past 15 years alone. Today, in order for a business to truly reach their full audience and grow market share, they need to build a comprehensive multicultural marketing strategy.
Considering that Canadians also spend more time online than any other country in the world, digital must be an important part of your multicultural strategy. To do so, you need to bring your brand online, communicate with your target audiences in their native languages, and engage with them on their social media platform of choice. However, many marketers find it challenging to include social media in their multicultural marketing plan, which is where we come in. With this infographic, we wanted to give you an enlightening look at just one way we engage a target audience, by describing how an incredible Chinese social media platform operates and how it can be harnessed as part of an effective multicultural marketing strategy.
Business on WeChat
WeChat is a free, all-in-one communication app available on most Windows, Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices, and research in 2014 showed that over 62 percent of Chinese Mandarin shoppers in the GTA are active on this platform. WeChat also uses QR codes, which can be used to engage with your customers in their native language, drive increased brand impression and awareness, and more importantly, it helps you learn about your targeted audiences.

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Grow Your Multicultural Reach Today
The number of Chinese immigrants in Canada grew 63.9 percent from 2001 to 2011, making Chinese Canadians the second largest foreign-born group in Canada. Over 49 percent of those Chinese immigrants reside in Ontario, and most of them live in the GTA. They’re one of the largest target communities brands in Canada can — and should — be reaching.
WeChat is a new tool to many marketers, making it a very powerful (albeit underused) gateway to the Chinese Canadian market. By meeting your target audience where they’re at — and the numbers definitively show that they’re on WeChat — you make it easy for your business to be their No. 1 choice. By crafting a multicultural, social media-driven marketing strategy, you can attract your target cultural consumers, outpace competitors, and use the reshaping of Toronto’s population to grow market share. Contact us today to learn more.