New Measurements of Success from a “Modern Marketer”

If you’ve ever run a digital campaign for retail, you’ve probably looked at click through rates, cost per click, and conversions as measurements of success. But what do they really mean to you? Let’s face it – all you really want is to drive people into stores. With that in mind, how can you really tell just how much impact your campaign has in driving in-store traffic? Let’s explore new metrics that better tell the success of your campaign.


1)      Measuring Store Visits

In this day and age, mobile devices run rampant. Just about everybody has one within arm’s reach. It has been difficult to quickly attribute a campaign to in-store visits in the past. With the popularity of mobile devices, it is now easier for advertisers to better understand the impact a campaign has in driving brand awareness and foot traffic since every device has a GPS embedded. Facebook has taken advantage of this technology and are now able to provide store visits metric in their reports so you can see how many people actually go into a store after seeing an ad.


2)      Click to Call Campaigns
If your business relies on call-in’s as well as walk-in’s, such as a travel agency, consider running a click to call campaign. Given that mobile advertising is expected to exceed desktop advertising this year, it only makes sense to have users click a button and talk to you rather than redirect them to a mobile landing page. Not only does this make it easier for prospective customers to talk to advertisers, it allows advertisers to closer a sale quicker. Google Adwords allows advertisers to easily set up call-only campaigns so you can easily track call conversions.


3)      Content is King

Did you know 64% of shoppers research purchases online before buying offline? For this reason, it is important for advertisers to create informative content that appeals to shoppers. Promoting product reviews via native ads allow advertisers to deliver branded content without disrupting user’s browsing experience while increasing user engagement and time on site. Many DSP’s (demand side platform) allows advertisers to buy in-feed native advertising programmatically.


These are just a few things to consider the next time you run a digital campaign. Whether you are running a broad campaign or a niche/ethnic campaign, these metrics will surely provide a better picture of success.