10 Tips for a great multicultural marketing campaign

1.Think long term

For your multicultural marketing campaign to be a success, you need to make a serious effort and commit to learning and improving as you go.  Your multicultural marketing plan will need time and resources if you want to see the best possible results.  Plan to engage with the targeted multicultural group over a period of years, not months.

2. Know the Demographic

Research is a key component of any marketing strategy. Multicultural marketing is no different in that respect.  Do your research and tap into some key strategists that have been following multicultural marketing trends across Toronto and Canada.  You need to understand the key aspects of your target demographic before you can plan the communication strategy.

3. Be flexible

You do not need to stick to the script of your more mainstream message for the mass market.  As you learn more about your ethnic consumers you should be dynamic in your approach in developing creative and choosing your media platform.

4. Don’t forget that we all love Canada

The immigrant community is in Canada because they want to be.  This is important to bear in mind when putting together campaign messaging.  You may be surprised how much a positive Canadian message resonates with the ethnic communities.

5. Don’t be an extra burden

The whole immigration and settlement process is not easy.  You need to bear this in mind when you target this demographic.  Your product or service should be easy to understand and address the unique needs of newcomers in Canada.


6. Be there

You should make sure that you have a strong presence in the ethnic community.  Look to local events and area marketing to establish and maintain a top of mind status in target communities.


7. Don’t wait until they land in Canada

You should do everything you can to speak to your future customers before they land in Canada.  In the pre-arrival stage, many are excited and will be doing research online about the country they are about to land.  Starting the conversation around your brand at this stage is very valuable in the long run.


8. Go digital

Due to the complexities of reaching specific demographics within the ethnic community, your multicultural marketing campaign should have a strong digital component.  Research has shown that immigrants spend more time online than Canadians in general. The key is to find out where your specific target is online.


9. Use the multicultural media sphere

The ethnic community in Toronto have access to a huge amount of media that caters to them and their interests.  This includes online as well as traditional channels such as print, TV and  radio.


10. Word of mouth is very important

Include a marketing component specifically for your existing customers aimed at converting them into evangelists of your brand.  The multicultural community, especially newcomers, rely on each other to help point them in the right direction after they landed so this is a very important part of any multicultural marketing strategy.


Any multicultural marketing campaign will need careful planning and a great deal of work before it can reach its full potential.  There will be lots of subtle things to watch out for depending on the product or brand.  With careful finessing of a plan, reaching the multicultural community with an effective message can be very rewarding.