EthnoDialogue is Canada’s leading multicultural agency, delivering insight, marketing strategies, and tactical promotional programs that deliver increased market share.

Qualitative Insight
With our 26,000 multicultural panelists, we deliver insight by culture, age, socioeconomic status, and tenure (including newcomers) in Canada for our clients. No other qualitative team can deliver the same reach and insight into the opinions and attitudes of the fastest-growing immigrant populations in Canada. We conduct qualitative research using:

  • Online panels
  • Community intercepts
  • Focus groups
  • Shop-alongs
  • Customized insight programs


EthnoDialogue provides clients with the granular data and advanced store profiling techniques that define market opportunities across Canada, including:

  • National database at the six-digit postal code level (with over 10,000 attributes)
  • Geo-demographic targeting by language and location
  • Macro- and micro-level area analysis
  • The data collected from these channels allows us to locate specific cultural markets’ community gathering points and media and product preferences.